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Where the devil do we start?

Planning a party can feel over-whelming to those who aren’t natural planners. You might ask yourself, ‘Where the devil do I start? Do I need a planner? Can I really be bothered to juggle this one all alone?’ Well, we’re a bit biased on the planning front but always here to help, we’ve put together a few top tips and a check-list for those that want to know how it’s done. That way, it doesn’t have to be stressful. In fact – it can actually be really good fun if you remain fully focussed on your checklist at all times!

How early you get started with your planning can vary widely depending on the scale and formality of the event. At a minimum, we recommend getting started at least 4 months before. Then you can secure the suppliers you want who can get really booked up in the busy period.

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