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How does the booking process work?

Use the Build Your Party section to browse all of our sections and work your way through to make sure that you’ve got everything you need.  Drop things in the basket as you go along and you can amend or delete items in your basket when you review everything at the end.  Your cart saves automatically so you can go away, think about it and your items will be there when you return.  Please note that for now, we are only able to offer our services in Greater London and the Surrey area.

What if I have questions?

Whilst Sugar & Rind is an online business, it’s important to stress that we love to talk to our customers whenever we can!  That means that we welcome phone calls, emails, chat messages, DM’s on social -indeed any kind of communication with whatever query you may have.  We understand that some of these decisions take time to work through so we are here to help, advise and guide you through the party building process throughout.

What happens after I’ve booked?

Once you’ve booked your party, you will receive an email confirming your order with a summary of your items.  We then inform each of our carefully selected suppliers what has been ordered, when for and in what quantities. We co-ordinate the delivery process and keep you informed along the way.

How do you charge?

We like to be transparent about how we make our profit.  All of Sugar & Rind’s suppliers offer us a discount of between 10-20%.  Our customers get all of the products and services at market value and we then add our commission based on the discount we have been offered.  So it’s the same price for you but absolutely zero hassle.

I want something specific but I can't see it on the website. Can you get it for me?

Just let us know what it is that you’re after.  We’re sure we can get it for you as we have an idea and a solution for everything.  So if you don’t see it on the website, don’t let that put you off – just ask.  Your wish is our command.

How will I know when my items will arrive?

We will always confirm this by email. Please note that in the majority of cases, your items will arrive the day before your party unless it is on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday Monday in which case it will be the Friday before your event. We will liaise with you on this and will aim to achieve an AM slot, 9am – 1pm or a PM slot, 1pm – 5pm on that day.

When will my pre-ordered platters arrive?

Your platters will arrive on the day of your event, a few hours before your guests arrive.  Please note that you are responsible for the storage and the arrangement of your food once it is in your home or your venue.

When will my chef arrive with their staff and equipment?

Approximately 4 hours before your event. So for example if you have an 8pm start time, they will arrive at around 4pm. Your sushi chef will not need so much time – so they will arrive approximately 2 hours before your event.

When will my staff arrive?

Your staff will arrive half an hour before your party starts unless you request anything to the contrary.  This is so that you can brief them all with your requirements and they can get settled.  Their shift is a maximum of 6 hours and the price of a taxi is factored into the cost.  Please treat them all kindly and respectfully and allow them the relevant comfort breaks.

I’ve ordered The Full Service Cocktail package - what size is my bar?

If you have ordered a bar in the Full Service Cocktail package, we have priced the size of it according to your guest numbers. But we will always double check directly with you what area you have available for your bar and ensure that you get the right size bar in relation to the available space and the number of guests attending your party.

When will my DJ arrive / Entertainment arrive?

Your DJ will arrive one hour before the performance to allow sufficient time to unload, set up and test the equipment. We will be in touch to ask you what time you would like them to start playing.  Play-lists should be submitted 10 days in advance.  The customer is responsible for providing an area of 1.5 x 0.5 metres for the DJ to set up together with suitable access to power. The customer should also be the only person directing the play-list or giving any feedback to the DJ.  Sugar & Rind is not responsible for any power outages.  If for any unforeseen reason, a DJ is not on time, the DJ will play for longer to make up for the lost time.  Please be kind to your DJ and give them any drinks or refreshments that they may need, especially during their set when they may be unable to move!

When will my photographer arrive?

Your photographer will arrive 20-30 minutes before your start time to understand your requirements and photograph your set-up should you want them to. Again, please offer them any drinks or refreshments that they may need.

Why do I need a site visit for a stretch tent?

If you have ordered a stretch tent package, we will contact you directly to organise a site visit to your home.  This is because all homes are different and it’s important to discuss access, sizing, tent location etc.  You may want to add to or amend the package once these discussions have taken place.  Our supplier won’t put a tent up at your home without a site visit taking place prior to your party.  Rest assured, they are very experienced and we will be there alongside them to discuss your needs.

Are there any delivery charges?

Most delivery charges are already included in the price but there are a few items to mention that have additional delivery charges attached that you will see in your basket when you check out.  They are as follows;

  1. Any Drink order will have a delivery fee of £35 applied.
  2. Pre-mixed cocktails have a delivery charge of up to £8 for up to 6 bottles and £15 for any order over 6 bottles.
  3. Any tableware will have a delivery / collection fee applied of £55. This may seem like a lot but it’s important to note that this charge includes all cleaning costs so you can send it all back as dirty as you like!

Do I pay VAT?

All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Refundable deposits

For some items such as tableware, it is necessary to take a refundable deposit of £40 to cover the cost should any breakages take place.  You will see this applied at the basket stage.  This will be repaid by us manually once your glassware has been returned. You will only be charged for what has been damaged or broken.

What if my guest numbers change?

Once you have checked out and paid, you can always add items by creating a separate order.  Please note that we need 2 weeks’ notice to guarantee any catering orders in particular the Chef’s Service.  Food orders cannot be amended after that.

What are your payment terms?

Please do take a look at our Terms and Conditions but for quick reference, they are below;

When you make a booking, we will take a deposit which shall be 50% of the total charges.  The balance of the charges shall be payable 21 days before your event date.  If you book within 21 days of your event, 100% of the charges are payable.  All charges are inclusive of VAT.

What are your cancellation terms?

If it is necessary to reschedule your party, we will endeavour to do so where possible but this remains at our sole discretion.

Our Terms & Conditions are as follows:

1.1 – You may cancel a Booking within 14 days of the date of your Booking and receive a full refund, unless the Party Date is within 30 days of the date of the Booking where no refund shall be made.

1.2 – In the event that you cancel a Booking, we may incur costs to our Supplier that we are unable to recover. As the Party will be bespoke to you, we are not likely to be able to resell the Party Items you have booked. In the event of cancellation, we shall charge the following cancellation charges:

1.2.1 – If a Booking is cancelled 91 days or more before the Party Date, no Charges shall be due and we will refund any Charges that have been paid by you;

1.2.2 – If a Booking is cancelled between 90 days and 61 days before the Party Date, 25% of the Charges shall be retained by us (or paid by you) and we shall refund to you any balance held by us;

1.2.3 – If a Booking is cancelled between 60 days and 31 days before the Party Date, 50% of the Charges shall be retained by us (or paid by you) and we shall refund to you any balance held by us;

1.2.4 – If a Booking is cancelled 30 days or less before the Party Date, 100% of the Charges shall be paid by you and no refund shall be made.


We just can’t wait to put your Sugar & Rind party together for you.  We are forever in the service of our party-throwers!