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We understand that the right event décor can transform any occasion into a visually stunning and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re planning a wedding, a corporate gala, or a private celebration, our extensive selection of event décor options is here to help you create the ambiance and style your desire. At Sugar & Rind, we take pride in offering a wide array of meticulously curated event décor pieces that are not only elegant but also highly customisable. Our event décor is designed to elevate the aesthetics of your event and leave a lasting impression on your guests. We recognise that every event is unique, and our collection reflects this diversity. Whether you envision a classic, contemporary, rustic, or whimsical atmosphere, our event décor can be tailored to match your vision flawlessly. Explore our selection of event décor and party decorations and let us help you bring your event’s theme and style to life. Trust us to make your event not only memorable but also visually stunning with our event décor expertise.


How does the booking process work?

Use the Build Your Party section to browse all of our sections and work your way through to make sure that you’ve got everything you need.  Drop things in the basket as you go along and you can amend or delete items in your basket when you review everything at the end.  Your cart saves automatically so you can go away, think about it and your items will be there when you return.  Please note that for now, we are only able to offer our services in Greater London and the Surrey area.

Why Choose Sugar & Rind's Event Décor?

We select the very best event décor, professionally tailored to suit your style. Our event décor has a range of prices and styles and will provide an excellent atmosphere to your perfect party.

What Do Sugar & Rind Offer For Event Décor?

We provide outstanding event décor, from lanterns and neon signs, to bunting and log torches. There’s event décor for outdoor and indoor spaces, so whatever your needs Sugar & Rind have your party decorated professionally.

What if I have questions?

Whilst Sugar & Rind is an online business, it’s important to stress that we love to talk to our customers whenever we can!  That means that we welcome phone calls, emails, chat messages, DM’s on social -indeed any kind of communication with whatever query you may have.  We understand that some of these decisions take time to work through so we are here to help, advise and guide you through the party building process throughout.

What happens after I’ve booked?

Once you’ve booked your party, you will receive an email confirming your order with a summary of your items.  We then inform each of our carefully selected suppliers what has been ordered, when for and in what quantities. We co-ordinate the delivery process and keep you informed along the way.

How do you charge?

We like to be transparent about how we make our profit.  All of Sugar & Rind’s suppliers offer us a discount of between 10-20%.  Our customers get all of the products and services at market value and we then add our commission based on the discount we have been offered.  So it’s the same price for you but absolutely zero hassle.