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Sugar and Rind - We Bring the Party you throw it!

1920’s Speakeasy – 07/05/22


On the 7th of May 2022, another Sugar & Rind-style epic celebration took place!  This time it was for a remarkable milestone for the YouTube Channel, Be Amazed. The wonderful and wacky channel achieved 10 million subscribers at the end of April and wanted to celebrate in style. They had decided on a 1920’s party, the rest was up to us!  So we tried to incorporate everything that makes Be Amazed unique into a truly unforgettable night. Therefore, our response was simple. ‘If YouTube had a channel in the 1920s this stuff would be on it!’

There was no stone left unturned in the planning of this party. Partnering and working closely with Gersch & Rox, our amazing entertainment partner, we were able to win over those at Be Amazed with an epic entertainment schedule for the night. We also assembled a team of costume, hair and makeup artists, sound and lighting engineers, musicians and a caterer to put on the most captivating 1920s speakeasy we possibly could.


Prior to this, however, it was all about finding the ideal venue for the night. The venue had to encapsulate everything about the underground, secretive nature of the prohibition era in the 1920s. After some deliberation we arrived at our final venue, The Victorian Bathhouse, located a stone’s throw away from Liverpool Street station. This subterranean lounge offered the perfect space for our speakeasy-themed occasion. Dating back to 1817, the venue was once used as a Turkish Bathhouse and is full of history. While it doesn’t look like much at street level, once inside guests will wonder at the space and fabulous features that are over 200 years old!


With the venue primed for the 7th of May, we then turned our attention to extending the 1920’s theme throughout each and every aspect of the night to come. Working with Cater London and the client, we curated a three-course menu fit for a speakeasy. Main courses for the night included tomahawk steak, grilled salmon, lobster thermidor, tomato, and shallot tart tatin with Kentucky fried cauliflower. The menu included the perfect balance of meat dishes with vegetarian and vegan options and look at how divine they look!


Our entertainment schedule never stopped and ran from 6 pm, when guests arrived, all the way up until 2 am. The army of entertainers were stationed in a gazebo, assembled earlier in the day on the forecourt, just outside of the Victorian Bathhouse. Our ‘run of show’ was designed to cause uproar and hilarity throughout the event.


At 6 pm, the guests were greeted by two Gatsby Showgirls. The band was in full swing, playing in the centre of the venue, and a magician was circulating, drawing the attention of party-goers with his incredible sleight of hand. Once seated for dinner, Baby Lame burst onto the scene in full song and dance, leaving guests somewhat stunned! After three courses, a further 80 people arrived at the venue and boy were they in for a treat. A fire-eating mermaid sat in a bathtub eating fire!  This was shortly followed up by a rather risqué performance by a Latex-clad Charlie Chaplin. Not for the faint-hearted,  a side-show was next, courtesy of the Strongman who lifts weights with his eye-lids and his nose.  That certainly got everyone’s hearts racing!

As the DJ hit the decks, guests were joined in their dance circles by the Gold Man, Monkey Man and Granny… It was hilarious!  The event went long into the night accompanied by Glitzy’s DJ Set which was a selection of client chosen tunes and hard house music.

It’s fair to say the 7th of May was a roaring success, and the Be Amazed team went away with lasting memories of an opulent event, that will be treasured for years to come. A few days after the event, we received a beautiful bunch of flowers as a thank you from Sam, founder of Be Amazed. The note attached read, “Thank you so much for putting on such an amazing event for us. We knew it would be fun but we actually ended up with far exceeded expectations and we were blown away. So thank you for your hard work and dedication in putting on our event”. When working with clients, often ideas are thrown away or discarded. But with the King of Content, whose channel is all about putting things in, not taking them out… he wanted it all! This made Sam and Be Amazed the most ideal client imaginable leading to a night of spectacular entertainment and all-around hilarity. The pleasure was all ours!


Sugar and Rind - We Bring the Party you throw it!

VARIOUS AND ROVINg entertainment


Sav has established himself as one of the top professional magicians in the UK. He’s an Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Star. His ability to seamlessly engage and blend into any event to create astonishing impact and memorable moments that are sure to be talked about for years to come.

Sugar and Rind - We Bring the Party you throw it!



This wonderful service includes a fully stocked bar with free-standing HD back panels, your mixologist, support staff, a ‘theatre’ cocktail on arrival, unlimited cocktails (choose 4 from a menu of 8 cocktails), spirits, mixers, bottled beer, one round of shots, wine, soft drinks, glassware, garnishes, ice, straws and napkins.

Sugar and Rind - We Bring the Party you throw it!

VARIOUS AND ROVING entertainment


Our all-singing, all-dancing Bearded Drag Queen is the perfect hostess for those events that are a little bit… over the top! She is hailed as one of London’s most exciting alt-drag stars and not to mention is an award-winning MC. Enquire now to book Baby Lame for your next event. We can guarantee it will be an unforgettable evening of absurdity!



Sugar and Rind - We Bring the Party you throw it!

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Sugar and Rind - We Bring the Party you throw it!

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